UIR024​​:​Dissections LP


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1. Prologue
2. Leper
3. Crisis
4. Sworn
5. Erosion
6. Misery In Industry
7. Retribution
8. Epilogue

Formats: ltd boxset/cd/digital
Release Date: 10 Feb 2017
Genre: Industrial/Dark Electro
© 2017 Underground Industrial Records

'Dissections' is the debut album of the american industrial act Datacode Division.
Started in 2001 by Bryen Sorg Olafsson in Denver, CO.
In 2009, the studio relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Damned Industrial: "Heavy as a really heavy thing……"
Read full story here: www.damnedindustrial.com/2017/02/datacode-division-dissections-2017/
Peek A Boo: "This album has managed to unite the nicer sides of the subgenres: distortion without monotony, beats and rhythms that leave space without losing their harshness, elements of noise and harder industrial, to modest synths."
Read full story here: www.peek-a-boo-magazine.be/en/reviews/datacode-division-dissections/
Mensch-Maschinen-Musik: "All in all, a successful Dark Electro debut album, for fans of Suicide Commando, yelworC, Fix8: Sed8 & Severe Illusion."
Read full story here: menschmaschinenmusik.blogspot.com/2017/02/datacode-division-dissections.html
VerdamMnis Magazine: "Dissections thus forges a good place between the metallic pillars of the industrial factory by proposing an alchemy of subgenera very well brought for a symbiotic result where everything is in its place."
Read full story here: www.verdammnis.com/reviews-606-datacode-division-dissections
Sideline Magazine: " “Dissections” bring us back 20 years ago; somewhere right in the midst of the growing dark-electro and EBM movement from the 90s. Therefore this album will please to numerous lovers of this other great decade."
Read full story here: www.side-line.com/datacode-division-dissections-cd-album-underground-industrial-records/
Brutal Resonance: "Datacode Division is dark and stompy dark industrial who knows their place among the scene."
Read full story here: www.brutalresonance.com/review/datacode-division-dissections


released February 10, 2017

Produced, mixed & mastered by Bryen Sorg Olafsson
Written and recorded by Bryen Sorg Olafsson
Jan-Nov 2016 at Draagh-mor studio - Las Vegas, Nevada

* "Prologue" contains samples from an unreleased track from 2005
* "Retribution" contains re-mastered 3.5 disk samples from 1999-2000

BANDCAMP: datacodedivision.bandcamp.com
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/DatacodeDivisionOfficial/
CD BABY: cdbaby.com/cd/datacodedivision
YOUTUBE: www.youtube.com/channel/UCF-RafA3UJBmk89NVy0rM9w

© Copyright - Datacode Division / Underground Industrial Records (0713541998346)



all rights reserved



Underground Industrial Records is a Greek netlabel that concentrates primarily on EBM, industrial, noise bands. It is a subdivision of Werkstatt Recordings. It is based in Rhodes.
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Track Name: Leper
we are the mutants
we are the cretins
we're the ones that stay below
we are disease
we are the sickness
we find solace in the shadow
we are the rejects
we are the trolls
we are the ones that you cannot control
we are obscene
we are the fiends
we are the ones with an empty soul
we are the heinous
we are committed
we feel great in this endless pit
we are the ugly
we are the scarred
we're fine with who we are
you are my waste
you are mistakes
you all are all the same
you need to judge
you think you're tough
I wont submit
I've had enough
always on trial
don't want your life
if being me is a crime
I am the leper......
Track Name: Crisis
wasteful priorities
the real crises
rotten greed circus
shortened life expectancies

scratching bleeding eyes
toxic spores and vapor
radical powers
critical danger
wilted flowers

our chemical saviors
always keep us safer
manufactured self-sabotage
the future held hostage
Track Name: Sworn
A call to my demons
those that assist
proper force and instruction
those that exist

(...the heinous one
this is my will
it will be done
a curse to kill...)

the Virtuous Path
unrelenting wrath
rise and you'll find the sword
it has been foretold
Track Name: Misery In Industry
play our game
one that you'll never win
bow to our reign
how it has always been
depend on us
you'll suffer just enough
demands insatiable
you are replaceable

work yourself weaker every day for a petty wage
do what you're told
identity you've sold
control is the game
your number is your name
get to work on time
we are your life

you will adhere to our rules of fear
learn your history
we're insult to injury

welcome to misery in industry
Track Name: Retribution
waking in fear
beginning pain
screaming inside
absolve and tame
abysmal contempt
hate and infect
sadness digest
complete reject
filling emptiness
black thinned blood
the creature comes not from above
Infect Dissect Abuse
Infect Dissect Reflect Dissect
Track Name: Epilogue
they were born in a world of love
they were born and cared for from those above
the world was theirs to take
everything they would create
fighting against the world always getting burned

he submitted to their cause
he bowed down to their laws
though he kept to his plan
this tired weakened and scornful man

he became a reckless hate source
no one questioned his course

are these scars self inflicted
always being constricted
inside he's still broken
the restless have awoken

over time became calloused
in his solitary palace
apathetic and indifferent
regrets became persistent

trials and tribulations...they never ended
suffocating limitations...his wounds were never mended

he realized that he lived
he tried...
he failed...
he died...
I realize now that I lived
I tried...
I failed...
I died.