UIR007​:​In Vain LP




Debut album of the New York based duo BLUT REAKTOR

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released April 21, 2015

Johnathon Bastone
Monique X

Music: Johnathon Bastone
Except track 7: Johnathon Bastone / Monique X
Lyrics: Johnathon Bastone / Monique X
Except tracks 1,5,9: Johnathon Bastone
Artwork by Johnathon Bastone
Produced, mixed & mastered by Johnathon Bastone




all rights reserved



Underground Industrial Records is a Greek netlabel that concentrates primarily on EBM, industrial, noise bands. It is a subdivision of Werkstatt Recordings. It is based in Rhodes.
UIR releases are available as digital download (with bonus material) & physical limited editions (CD/vinyl/tape).
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Track Name: In Chains
Fall into the jaws of hell
Where the junkie suffers well
In a mind altered spell
Where temptation markets itself
Fall into the abyss
Into the city of dis
Where life becomes a bliss
An illusion you can not resist

Life shifts down in this cyclone of

Down where sins infest
Into the temples of flesh
Where the blood comes to confess
And let the mind become possessed
Down where angels go
Into your veins as white as snow
Let the poison take control
As it sedates your mind and soul
Track Name: Fear (Album Version)
Trace the sickness from within
Touch and feel the serpent's skin
Inside Sin Thrives behind a false salvation
A sick deliverance,
Take away your innocence
As the man on the cross, stares at you in silence

Inside Sin Thrives

Lay him down to penetrate,
Upon the alter of dissolving faith
He prays for his soul to be saved
Uncleansed by his heresies
Defiled upon his majesty
All in the name of temptation

Inside Sin Thrives

Trace the sickness from within
Touch and feel the serpent's skin
Inside sin thrives behind the churches corruption
A Sacrificial blasphemy
Playing out his fantasy’s
Track Name: The Prisoner
Silenced in blood free will never speaks
Slaves shall serve hate never sleeps
For nonexistent idle no core message of love exist
Leads to eternal damnation
Lead to our final destruction
Even in death has no justification
Free will has become a burden

Heretic clash an endless combat
Blissful in ignorance
I want to watch you burn for there is no rigorousness
Give the gift of heaven a divine infection
Let it rot and decay and call it salvation

In pieces will it sit with the weak
Holy alter holds nothing to possess
No virtuous kiss only a hiss on others belief
Beg to differ these chains aren’t forever
Preach in manic speech a belief of gaining angle wings
Preach what you will
No one is listening
Track Name: Pray For Us
We rise from nothing, we're discontent
We're abomination, we're heaven sent
We're nothing but fiction. a mental existence
As we praise this corroded machine
Screams of the hopeless does anyone hear?
As the emptiness continues to appear
For what we become just to be undone
As we bloom into a gorgeous nothing

What are we praying for?
What are we hoping for?
Holding on to what we'll never be
Reaching out to what we'll never see

We are aborted without a care
We're the damaged ones, we can't be repaired
Till the day it ends, it will never stop
As we breath in this toxic air
we are born again in this acid hell
As the wicked ones teaches us to dwell
Till the day it stops, it will never end
Only in death can we be spared
Track Name: Cyclone
She's like a falling star
Falling into the dark
This cyclone keeps circulating
As the spiral keeps rotating
Detesting all she's done
Falling to delirium
This landfill of guilt is weighing down her confidence

Humiliated by her sins
As they keep one piercing in
Stressing this hostility
Inhaling lunacy.
A world to blind to see
Proclaiming heresy
Trying to break free from this world of ignorance
Track Name: Pure
Distorted visions
Playing the victim
Your words hold no truth
Mental illusions
Verbal abusions
I can see right through you
A virus that's perfectly flawed
Stripping the hero
Crucify the ego
You become nothing at all

Extended fingers
As they linger
To those who hear your plea
Spreading your disease
A plague on release
Just to satisfy your needs
You are the virus
In need of a cure
Your touch is so tainted
You were once so pure
Track Name: Flesh Of Flesh
Your flesh is sanctified.
As you seduce these innocent eyes.
As my mind is crucified.
Whisper in my ear you beautiful lie.
As i thrust this forbidden fruit.
As i please the sinner in you.
As i feed your inner bliss.
Tasting temptation from a devils kiss.
As i breach your sacred walls.
As this purity descends and falls.
As i preach my obsessions.
Upon this bed of unholy confessions.

Forgive me father for I am sin.
Inviting this desecration, let it flood within.
This body will no longer go untouched.
For I hunger for you in vein.

Your flesh is so divine.
As you lay upon me like a shrine.
A seduction you can’t deny.
For Devil made flesh to sodomize.
So Praise me like the man on the cross.
Fuck me like all hope is lost.
For Your flesh you give to me.
Fulfills the need of my disease.

Your flesh is sanctified.
like a goddess in disguise.
In this room of paradise.
Where your lust is testified.
So rejoice. embrace the sin.
Use me up like heroin.
As i feed your adrenalin.
For my hunger is never content.
Track Name: Futile
A lie to save a lie
To keep the nerve justified
Turn your words in to shit
Through the mouth of a hypocrite
Feed on the weak and play with scars
Just like the plague you are
Pressing down and make the cut
Only to find tainted blood


Follow a false disciple
I'll kill you in your name
Drinking down your pride
You level up with haste
Playing innocence
I’ll shit you a crown
Throw you own faults you fall from grace
Track Name: The Thing From The Grave (Bonus Track)
Who's that lurking outside my window?
The Thing From The Grave
Who's that Yearning outside my window?
It's flesh that he craves
Rotting away grotesquely
Breeding Immortality
Who's that ghastly outside my window?
The thing from the grave

Until mother earth is ripped with decay
Until Nothing remains

Coming at you like a bullet
Penetrating down his prey
His appetite is a endless abyss,
Never keeps his hunger at bay
He's a walking virus
Spreading his disease
It's terror among the living
Awake of the deceased